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Great Start Foundation Inc. & Great Start Maternal Infant Health Program
5th Anniversary
Save the Date Flyer

1st Annual Community Baby Shower 2019

Three Women Three Women Closeup Group of Women
1st Baby Shower Venue 1st Baby Shower Gifts Tables, Chairs, and Balloons

2nd Annual Community Baby Shower 2020

Three Men Standing 2nd Annual Baby Shower Group 2nd Annual Baby Shower Group
Blue Carseats 2nd Annual Baby Shower Three Women Outside Wearing Masks

Summer Community Baby Shower 2021

Back of Shirts Large Group People Having Fun
Person Reaching in Car Volunteers Helper
Line of Cars Car Seats Goodies
Two Ladies Strollers Two People
Four People Under Tent Four People Workers

Winter Community Baby Shower 2021

Winter Community Baby Shower Image 1 Winter Community Baby Shower Image 2 Winter Community Baby Shower Image 3
Winter Community Baby Shower Group Picture